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by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Maybe no Russian anthem @ PC 2018

IOC considering more penalties against Russia for all its cheating/doping activities -- like possibly no playing of the Russian anthem if their athletes win gold; and their atheltes NOT being allowed to march at the OC -- per The New York Times. ...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Teams Outfits for 2018

So, Canada apparently unveiled already their apparel for Pyeongchang 2018 some days ago, so I think it's time to open up a thread for the apparels the rest of the delegations will be wearing for the Winter Olympics.

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Athletes to expect in 2018

Has anyone had time to research the athletes going into PC? Curling and figure skating were left on my DVR, so I caught up with them. The Shibutanis, Evgenia Medvedeva, Heidi Kloser and amateur hockey will be some unfamiliar elements to lo...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Canada in Korea

Biathlon: 5 men, 5 women; improvement of 2 over Sochi Curling: 1 women's team, would take a miracle for the men to not qualify Figure Skating: 3 pairs; looking good to send 3 ladies, 3 ice dance and probably 2 men unless Chan get get into...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Trouble-Free Games for PyeongChang?

I know it's been a topic of great discussion on this forum, but will PC be trouble-free next year compared to Sochi and Rio? I don't know if the last two deserved the bad rap they had going into the Games, but I really wanted them to carry the sa...

by Super Admin - il y a 5 ans

PyeongChang 2018 Volunteer

PyeongChang 2018 volunteer application process ends with huge participation 4 October 2016   PyeongChang, October 4 – The PyeongChang 2018 volunteer application process came to a close amid huge participation on September 30.  ...

by Super Admin - il y a 5 ans

PyeongChang pins

NBC has already released one. You have to live in the US to have them mail it to you.  I should be getting a couple extra for trading in about a month or so.  

by Super Admin - il y a 5 ans

Pyeongchang requires financial assistance

It's hardly even news, but the OC says that it needs financial support from the government and IOC to deal with cost overruns.

by Super Admin - il y a 7 ans

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Media Updates

Well, it's gonna happen with these next Winter Olympic Games in this incredible versions. Might as well get started here even with Rio far more ahead of us. The CBC in Canada announced days ago it's keep on keeping on with it as the headliner of the...