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by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Ophélie David : «La force du rêve»

«Ophélie David : «La force du rêve» » «Le rêve est indispensable au début saison olympique parce qu’il y a des périodes ingrates, difficiles. Toute la préparation estivale n’est pas très drôle et si on n’a pas en ligne de mire ce truc qui brille,...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Anaïs Chevalier : «Je suis tombée de haut»

«Anaïs Chevalier : «Je suis tombée de haut» » «Ce premier week-end de compétition à Ostersund a été compliqué pour moi. Je suis tombée de haut avec les courses que j’ai faites. Je ne m’attendais pas à avoir un niveau aussi bas. J’ai passé un été c...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

speed skating medalists

Hi all, are you looking forward to the speed skating events as well? Will the Dutch be as successful as they were in 2014? I have done some research on medalists since the first winter olympics and created and interactive visualization fro...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Maybe no Russian anthem @ PC 2018

IOC considering more penalties against Russia for all its cheating/doping activities -- like possibly no playing of the Russian anthem if their athletes win gold; and their atheltes NOT being allowed to march at the OC -- per The New York Times. ...

by Super Admin - il y a 4 ans

Teams Outfits for 2018

So, Canada apparently unveiled already their apparel for Pyeongchang 2018 some days ago, so I think it's time to open up a thread for the apparels the rest of the delegations will be wearing for the Winter Olympics.

by Super Admin - il y a 5 ans

Athletes to expect in 2018

Has anyone had time to research the athletes going into PC? Curling and figure skating were left on my DVR, so I caught up with them. The Shibutanis, Evgenia Medvedeva, Heidi Kloser and amateur hockey will be some unfamiliar elements to lo...