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App whaoo problemi

Ciao , è da qualche settimana che a volte la app di Wahoo non mi scarica su strava e komoot il giro appena concluso. Gia disinstallata e reinstallato alcune volte....all inizio tutto ok , dopo alcune uscite ritorna il problema. A qualcuno è capit...

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The Function - Brand Chant

More than ever, we are bound by the opportunity at Tall T Productions. Our aim is not based around a single target customer, our garments not just for one person-- our taste and art is ever-growing. The formula is updated but unbroken as we continue...

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The Athlete Edits: Cam McCaul

As a kid, Cam McCaul grew up mountain biking alongside his younger brother Tyler, pushing themselves on a backyard pool jump and the local trails in Santa Cruz. This competitive brotherly rivalry not only progressed their riding, but laid the groundw...

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The Athlete Edits: Cam Zink

When Cam Zink first started riding, no one knew what a full suspension bike was capable of, and frankly, he didn’t care. He was too busy jumping off massive drops hoping that the frame wouldn’t crack. Over time, he added tricks into his repertoire, w...

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The Athlete Edits: Graham Agassiz

Most little kids like riding bikes and exploring their world from a two-wheeled vantage point. Somewhere along the way, life usually gets in the way, and that simple pleasure gets eclipsed by other more traditional things. In the case of Graham Agass...

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The Athlete Edits: Ethan Nell

Ethan Nell was born and raised in Southern Utah, surrounded by steep hills and perfect jump-building dirt. He started biking as a toddler, and quickly expanded his interests to include the full gamut of vehicles of both the two and four-wheeled varie...

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The Athlete Edits: Andreu Lacondeguy

Andreu Lacondeguy is as elusive as they get. While there’s a crop of riders that revel in the limelight, the accomplished Catalonian has never been one for publicity, instead always letting his riding do the talking, and it speaks loudly. Read Andreu...

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The Athlete Edits: Hannah Bergemann

For a while, Hannah Bergemann has been a dark horse in the bike world. She’s been quietly doing her own thing because she just wants to ride her bike. But a breakthrough year on the EWS circuit and at the Red Bull Formation event launched her into th...

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Jaxson Riddle: Young and Hungry

Jaxson Riddle is young, even for a young-person's sport like downhill mountain biking. At the age of 19, he's already earned sponsorships from some of sport's premiere brands, traveled around the world, and snagged a spot in TGR's Accomplice on virtu...

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Kurt Sorge: The Ultimate BC Shred Session

It helps to be around the right places when something as crazy as freeride mountain biking is born. From an early age, Kurt Sorge was drawn into the two-wheeled life as the fledging sport took off in the mountains around his home in British Columbia....

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Punch Through It

In June of 2018, then 12-year-old Kai Jones went on a mission he will never forget. Teaming up with his father Todd and his uncle Steve, both co-founders of TGR, as well as his mentor Ryan Halverson, the young gun set his sights on a classic big-moun...

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Iceberg at Park City

2 days with Derek Simpson (@iiceberg.simpson) in Park City, Utah. Filmed by: Ryan Barrick (@thatyoungskibum)

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DUE - Starring Clayton Vila, Cam Riley, and Sean Jordan

Watch Clayton Vila, Sean Jordan, and Cam Riley ski the streets of Kamchatka, Russia and Oslo and Lillehammer, Norway over the last two seasons filming for TGR's feature films Far Out and Winterland. Directed by Clayton Vila Skiing by Clayton Vila, Se...