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Ok so 12 events were added to Sochi. And talk has already begun about possible new events for Pyeongchang.

From what I've heard while watching coverage the IOC is more inclined to add events that do not add athletes (like mixed relay biathlon and team luge did for instance)

Off the table completely is synchronized figure skating for 3 reasons:

Shallow pool of competitors (Canada, Sweden, Finland, USA)

Huge addition of athletes

The ISU hates it and is putting their eggs in a different basket.

As for what has been said.


Replace the team Ski Jumping event with a mixed team event: 2 men off the large hill, 2 women off the normal hill

They are still pushing the team alpine event which I am not sure the IOC will ever embrace

Dual Moguls has been mentioned, probably not going to happen, traditional Alpinist are not too happy that freestyle skiing and snowboarding now have more events

Big Air snowboarding, not sure about this given there is no FIS world championship for this on the women's side yet.

Finally, working on adding women's Nordic Combined to the schedule


Mass start speed skating

3000m short track


mixed or 2-person competition, especially since this version is not dominated by Canada, Scotland, Sweden and Norway.