Todd Ligare Hits Papa Jordan - Behind The Line Season 4 Episode 5


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In this week's episode of Behind The Line, Todd Ligare kicks his season off in Jackson Hole and then meets up with Ian McIntosh and in Pemberton, British Columbia. While up there, Todd barely avoids disaster on a line originally skied by Ian in 2009's Under The Influence called "Papa Jordan." As Todd Jones describes, "Any time that there's a big air the audience goes nuts. Add a fall into that and then add a recovery and people go completely ape$%&^."

Behind The Line is a series where we feature a unique line, jump, or session from the filming of TGR's 2011 ski film, One For The Road. Watch as athletes take a look back at these insane moments and discuss them, providing an in depth look Behind The Line of One For The Road.

Music: Borrowed Immunity By Solace Via Small Stone

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Cast: Teton Gravity Research

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